CMYK Colour bars

The independent wastes roughly 2000 sides of ink daily by printing colour bars, despite there being new technology available, which can eliminate the need for them. I set my self the mission of visualising this amount. Many days of screen printing later!....... the result was this mound of CMYK papers. My aim is to make people aware of this waste and the impact that it has on the environment, considering that the independent is just one of 12 national papers. 

Surplus (RSA winning entry)

In response to the Sustainability brief, Jo Bell, Sarah Brenkley and I created 'Surplus'. 13% of building materials delivered to construction sites ends up in landfill. In Brief!..... Surplus is a company which creates a network between large construction companies through to small and members of the public, making unused materials available to all for free. 'Surplus' hoarding boards display materials available. The website allows you to search for participation construction sites in your area. An event based around the concept of turning skips into fun activities would travel the UK to launch Surplus.


This was a fun experiment into handmade Vs photoshop filters, for a photography project. Taking a selected few 'filters' and crafting them by hand; mosaic tiles, chrome, plaster and twist. A light-hearted comment on the amount that we designers rely on digital means without first exploring traditional crafts.


A conceptual solution to space saving in studio flats. The Furnibook is a life size pop-up book. each page unfolds into a piece of handy furniture.