FREE BEER - Saw this and though it was a cool concept.

I recently bought a bottle of 'Free Beer' from the shop @ the Tate. I was intreagued as to what was 'free' about it.....
The label on the bottle explains that the beer's recipe is branded under the 'Creative Commons Licence' meaning that anyone can modify the recipe and earn money from it as long as they publish the results. Thought this was quite a cool idea. 

Studio Photography - One Room, Three Lives.

An example of how different lighting and props can transform the same space. Just by changing these two things, we can depict who the viewer would believe lives in this room. An elderly person? A family, A student?

Playing With Long Exposures On My Digital SLR!

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Royal Festival Hall installation

On the 10th  May 2008 the classical piece of music 'Prometeo' by Luigi Nono was played for the first time in the UK at the Royal Festival Hall.
We were commissioned by the Southbank Centre to create a visual representation of the music. 
Our installation featured at the Southbank Centre for the duration of the event.

Recycled Typeface

Recycling ink cartridges!